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  1. dottieford


    Hello All, I have release GDK/dejavu version 0.3. There is a slight bug fix in XMLogger, when it is part of a MCfg that is bound to a para-thread object. In version 0.2, the API Thread.getName() was used and caused infinite recursion in that special case. That was replaced for Guarana.toString(threadObj), which is not the same but suffices for the time being. Moreover, I have updated the GDK documentation (my MSc dissertation) with hyphenation and lost references fixed. There is also a .pdf file now! Thanks,
  2. dottieford

    Java EE Tutorial

    Need a little help here.. I'm in big trouble finding on how java ee works? Does anyone know about some good QUICK tutorial, explanation how JAVA EE works? Thanks for any help...
  3. How was the format look likes? When it comes to creating a site (frekin noob)lol. It should be like this? <FORM ACTION = "" METHOD="POST"> <input type=hidden name="recipient" value="[email protected]"> <input type=hidden name="subject" value="Resultados of formulário"> <input type=hidden name="redirect" value=""> I have tried,but I found it difficult..
  4. dottieford

    Dúvida Básica

    Hello, I want to learn this pls. help how to create this cgi? more info pls.?
  5. dottieford

    CGI e JavaScript

    I want to try it.I hope this can help.I found it amazing..
  6. dottieford

    Formulário (PHP)

    I have tried the code and bang!! it's perfect, I can't see any problem,it's pretty well,,
  7. You have to contact the service provider and they will assist you..or use phpmyadmin this is use as a tool for browsing.. Try it I hope it can help..
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